Wilson & Wilson 

Wilson & Wilson came about through years of experimentation in many art forms and being brave enough to back myself.

I have always been creating art. My passion is painting but it came by chance that a friend wanted me to supply some jewellery I had been making at the time to her newly opened boutique on Darby Street in Newcastle, Australia.
After spending time working towards my Visual Arts Degree and completing a Diploma in Design I was ready to make something of my art practice. 
I started supplying Ramjet & Abicus with my designs with brand Oscar & Matilda and then moved on to my own popup shop, online sales and wholesale.

I undertook more private tuition, brushed up on previous learning & started working with Silver & Clay and Wilson + Wilson was truly born.

I enjoy so much making these bespoke pieces to share with you. 
The idea that they have been made to last and even become heirlooms between generations is something I love. I incorporate pieces I have found and cast these items to be a true replica finished in silver, whether it be a paint brush I used in my studio or a shell I've found on the local beach. 

I only use 100% recycled Australian silver, I do not use newly mined silver nor do I have my pieces manufactured offshore.

I am inspired to make things that evoke memories, places, time and surrounds.

These pieces I create are for you to use everyday, to wear with your best dress out on the town or in your casual jeans to pick up the groceries in. 
They are year round items for the everyday.

The ceramic objects I make are just that too...for a showcase on a mantle piece, for housing a bunch of flowers freshly cut or even a dish to keep your jewellery in besides the bed.

These handmade pieces transition through time and are in the most simplest of forms, objects of beauty.

Please enjoy x

Zoë T

Wilson & Wilson proudly support animal welfare groups. 
We make regular donations and gift to these hardworking charities as we love and respect animals very deeply. Please know you are supporting us to continue giving with every purchase made with W&W.